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1. if we ever interact, i unfollow you, and it isn't immediately obvious why, then it was accidental. please tell me!

2. never send anon hate on my behalf under any circumstances.

3. i have a selfie blog, the url of which is available on request.


July 24th
5:09 PM

turns up 7 months late with stag night art and a coffee


turns up 7 months late with stag night art and a coffee

2:09 PM

a message from Anonymous


aggressive misogyny and romanticization of domestic abuse?

2:00 PM

we need to hate the 50 shades of gray movie as loudly and aggressively as possible on the internet

1:10 PM

as if the answer is “just also put white people in prison based on selling and/or using a substance less dangerous than alcohol” lmao

12:01 PM
calm down ned

calm down ned

10:11 AM
whoa!!! You really do know a lot about aviation disastersโ€ฆ.yeah Iโ€™m not afraid of flying at all Iโ€™m just judgmental whenever preventable things happenโ€ฆlikeโ€ฆyou could have prevented that by being only a little bit competent but no.

if it will scare you or fuck you up in any way don’t because it’s really scary, but if not, read about that crash… it’s UNBELIEVABLE

10:09 AM

air france also fucked me over once and forced me to buy a hotel room in new york city but i guess that’s not comparable

10:06 AM

lemmonysnippets replied to your post: lemmonysnippets replied to your post:…

mine was air france too!! Am I saying I support the military-industrial complex? Iโ€™m just saying if there are things that need to be done so I donโ€™t have to be terrifiedโ€ฆ.wellโ€ฆ..

AIR FRANCE IS SO BAD ABOUT THAT… air france flight 447 literally crashed into the atlantic because its junior pilot just… flew it into the atlantic…

10:05 AM

it’s funny though because i am simultaneously 1) horrified and morbidly fascinated by aviation disasters (i don’t stay up all night horribly scaring myself often, but if i do, it’s reading about plane crashes) yet 2) not actually afraid of flying…? i guess i’m too rational with the statistics or something but while i can get some butterflies i never actually get afraid boarding planes

10:00 AM

lemmonysnippets replied to your post: iโ€™m really sorry to say this but aviat…

2+2=5 if I never have to hear โ€˜you get a training pilot but we assure you they are all experts by this point in trainingโ€™ ever again in my lifeโ€ฆ.

right? tell that to air france flight 447